Offers & Requests

There is no limit, but here is a list of typical skill /categorises that members have offered or requested in the timebank. If you have a specialist skill that doesn’t fit with any category, please be sure to let us know and we will try to accommodate it.

All members’ actual offers and requests, along with their account balance, are held on another website which manages the transactions of hundreds of timebanks across the world, namely the Time and Talents application on the hOurworld website.

Help at Home
Car Washing
Electronics – set up computer/TV
Garden – Design/Advice
Gardening – Light (weeding pruning etc.)
Gardening – Moderate-Heavy (digging slabs etc.)
Houseplant Care
Interior Decorating
Mechanical repair/maintenance
Minor DIY
Moving / Lifting
Sewing / Knitting / Mending

English Language Support
Form Filling and Letters

Community Projects
Community Gardening
Litter/Clean Up

Goods Exchange
Commissioned Works
Equipment Loan
Produce Exchange
Space Rental

Accompanying People to Appointments
Buddying – Active (walking cycling etc.)
Buddying – Entertainment (cinema Fringe etc.)
Community Singing
Complementary Therapies
Cooking / Baking
Cosmetic Treatments
Dog Walking
Doing Errands
Games (mahjong bridge etc.)
Listening and Visiting
Pet Sitting
Random Act of Kindness
Reading Aloud

Coaching (life career sport etc.)
Computer/IT lesson
Food / cooking
Foreign Languages
Handcrafts (crochet/ jewellery making etc.)
Music (guitar piano etc.)
Professional Services