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Bio Blitz with the RSPB

Fantastic weather helped a lovely early morning dawn chorus walk. The group, with the help of an amazing RSPB guide, identified 26 species of bird in the 90 minute walk. The highlights were a sparrowhawk with kill and a nearby buzzard. Goldfinches and the sound of chiffchaffs and goldcrests added to an educational and heartening 6am walk. The morning and afternoon BioBlitz sessions incorporating bug hunting, stream dipping and generally keeping an eye out for anything that moved were very much enjoyed by family groups, as well as those adults that wanted to learn more.

We hugely value the contribution the RSPB Scotland made to the day, the time of the volunteers and their impressive knowledge. The RSPB is much more than “just a bird charity”; they have a huge initiative in trying to give nature the home it needs. This involves dealing with councils, governments and large corporations as well as trying to get us all to do that little bit to give nature a home in our gardens too.

On the same day Nick, from The Field in Duddingston, helped some of our conservation group identify and map the various tree species along Brunstane Burn. It was absolutely fascinating, and so helpful in planning the future management of the burn. The canopy comprises, in numerical order, cherry, ash, beech, sycamore, field maple, silver birch, poplar and alder.


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