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Litter Pickers in Magdalene Glen

Last Sat 25th February we had our second Litter clean-up at Magdalene Glen with a great mix of timebank members and non-members. We focussed on the Asda end of the Glen after a very successful impact on the western end in January. The infamous path up to Asda was picked clean, with Liz, Monica and Simon leading the charge early on. Annette and Cathy risked the Buckthorn spikes to fill bags of windblown rubbish on the top of the bank, that is particularly heavy on the eye. James and Liz waded the burn, removing trees that were blocking the flow, and finding the usual variety of bikes, scooters and trolleys to lift out. Jay and Leighton, two on-the-day volunteers who live nearby, were a fantastic help – donning the Timebank bibs and helping pick litter and manage the black bags. We hope they were happy with their apple cake reward at the end! It was great to see Rob, who has an interest in Brunstane Burn, coming upstream to help and we look forward to making our next clean-up a Brunstane burn walk to clear that stretch early in March. Spring was definitely in the air today, and it was rewarding to see the daffodils we planted two years ago beginning to emerge from their bulbs again.


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