Portobello Timebank – is a sharing community on the East side of Edinburgh, Scotland. Members request help from other members and payment is the time it takes. The person that helps, is credited by the amount of time taken and can subsequently spend this by asking another member to help them. There can be huge satisfaction in meeting members, completing exchanges, making new friends and feeling part of the community. See what is a timebank for further details, including an animated explanation on YouTube.

Timebanking Process – by Charles Wright
Interested in joining?

We are always looking for new members! If you’re interested, please browse through these pages and our Facebook page to get a better idea of what we are about. If you would then like to chat with one of us, please send a message using Contact us and we can set something up. Alternatively, you may feel ready to apply! Just complete the form online.

COVID-19 update

Timebank members have been actively involved in setting up several neighborhood self-support groups as we believe this is the most effective way of getting help to people who are self-isolating, and we continue to offer this assistance to anyone wanting to set up a group for their own street. We can also provide social support over the telephone. For either of these, please send details initially via our contact form

For shopping, we recommend you contact Porty Coronavirus Action

“Fish-n-Chips” by Andrew Siddall