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Portobello Timebank is a sharing community on the East side of Edinburgh with about 200 members.

Members help each other and payment is the time it takes. The person that helps, is credited by the amount of time taken and can subsequently use that credit to ask another member to help them.


There is huge satisfaction in meeting members, completing exchanges, making new friends and feeling part of the community. 

Some Feedback:

"Without Graham's help my unit would still be sitting in the box! He put it together with no input from me! Really appreciate his expertise."

"Manpreet has provided brains and muscle building a raised bed with me. We got the job done, and also had some fun while doing it. It took two hours to complete a job that could have taken me a week. Thank you, Manpreet!"


"Graham was fantastic and helped me do exactly what I wanted to do on social media. Thanks Graham."


"Great to have Sarah do so well sewing which I simply cannot do at all adequately"


"Now I have two pcs connected to the internet and a lot of questions answered! Thank you Dick"


"Very pleased to have someone to help with watering etc while we were away."


"Many thanks to Chris  who did a great job pruning my challenging hedge" 


"Frank repaired two items of furniture for me. An expert with a smile!  Very happy with the result."


"Thanks so much for arranging for Joan to text me. Massive kudos to timebank for short notice request and the perfect candidate."
"Maidenhair fern gone from my flowerbed, now the fun bit to plant something new. Thanks Liz"


"I would recommend Joan to anybody who likes foot massages. She was polite, courteous and professional."

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